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Preface to the Online Edition

Theodore Dreiser: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography, by Donald Pizer, Richard W. Dowell, and Frederic E. Rusch, was published by G.K. Hall & Company in 1975. A second revised and updated edition, titled Theodore Dreiser: A Primary Bibliography and Reference Guide, also by Pizer, Dowell, and Rusch, and also published by G. K. Hall, appeared in 1991. The online version of the second edition was initially prepared by Donald Pizer, Stephen C. Brennan, and Gary Totten; for its 2013-15 updating, Roark Mulligan has replaced Brennan. The online version corrects some material in the second edition, but its principal revision consists of the addition of two large bodies of new material: editions and translations of Dreiser's own work since 1989 and writing about Dreiser since that date. The online edition seeks to be complete through 2015, and it is the expectation of the compilers that it will undergo further periodic updatings. Because the Dreiser bibliography will now be ongoing in its online form, it was thought best to maintain the item designations of the second printed edition wherever possible and to work in new material for the online version within that scheme. In this way, it will not be necessary to radically redo all the item designations each time the online version is corrected and updated.

The bibliography seeks to bring together in one place all that is known about primary and secondary materials concerning Dreiser. But once stated, this aim must be qualified. First, we have not sought to describe the physical nature of Dreiser's books in a manner which conforms to the ideals of contemporary descriptive bibliography. A reader will not find in the descriptions of Dreiser's books which follow an exact reproduction of title page typography or information on such matters as paper, gatherings, ornaments, or the like. Our aim has rather been to prepare a bibliography which will be of use primarily to scholars and critics of Dreiser whose interests are not principally those of the descriptive bibliographer. In addition, we have lacked the resources to make some portions of the bibliography as complete as we would have wished. Thus, for publications about him, we have not sought to discover and annotate all articles in foreign journals. But in areas of greatest interest to the scholar and critic - Dreiser's books, contributions to books, and periodical appearances, and significant writing about Dreiser in books, journals, and newspapers - we have sought completeness.

A further aim has been accuracy. Except for the few exceptions that are noted in the text, we have seen every work cited in its original form, in a clipping file or scrapbook in the Dreiser Collection at the University of Pennsylvania or the Theatre Collection of the New York Public Library, or in republished form. The Library of Congress symbols PU for the University of Pennsylvania or NN for the New York Public Library appear in entries based on information in files or scrapbooks in their collections.

Other explanations of our methods and range can be found at the opening of the various sections of the bibliography. It only remains to note the division of labor in the project and to thank those who have aided us in our efforts in preparing this online version. Donald Pizer is responsible for Writings by Theodore Dreiser and Stephen C. Brennan, Gary Totten, and Roark Mulligan are responsible for Writings about Theodore Dreiser.

We all wish to thank Nancy Shawcross and John Pollack of the University of Pennsylvania Library for their continuing good will and cooperation as this project moved forward, and David McKnight and Dennis Mullen of the Library's technical staff for their aid in getting it online. We also wish to thank Kiyohiko Murayama and Renate Bardeleben for supplying us with material concerning Japanese and German Dreiser editions and scholarship. In addition, Donald Pizer would like to thank Samuel C. Ramer, Brian J. Demare, Patrick G. Wing (all of Tulane University) for their aid in connection with Russian, Chinese, and Persian translations of Dreiser's work. Gary Totten would like to thank Fran Fisher, reference librarian, and the interlibrary loan staff of the North Dakota State University Library for assistance in locating sources. Stephen C. Brennan wishes to thank the staff of the Noel Memorial Library at Louisiana State University in Shreveport for their unfailing good cheer and efficiency in turning up secondary materials. He also owes a great debt of gratitude to Adelaide Brennan for her many hours photocopying books and articles and proofreading entries and for providing the ground for his being.