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Introduction to the Reference Guide

The main goal of this Reference Guide has been to include in chronological order all scholarly works on Dreiser—bibliographical, biographical and critical—written in English, as well as reviews of his books. More selectively, news stories, editorials, letters to the editor and reviews of books about Dreiser have been included to provide a sense of his impact on his time and to demonstrate the diversity of material available. Many items written in a foreign language have been included also, particularly those in Russian and Japanese; however, there has been no attempt to be thorough or systematic in this area.

With rare exceptions, all scholarly items written in English have been verified and annotated, as have all news stories, editorials and letters to the editor. In instances when an item is cited on the basis of a clipping in the Dreiser Collection at the University of Pennsylvania or the Theatre Collection at the New York Public Library, an asterisk appears before the entry number and the Library of Congress symbols PU for the University of Pennsylvania and NN for the New York Public Library are cited as the source. The term "unverified" following the citation of a source for a clipping means that the item does exist but did not appear on the date or in the work stamped on the clipping. An asterisk also appears before items cited on the basis of a secondary source. In most instances, these entries are master's theses or articles in foreign journals that are not easily accessible, and the source is given in place of an annotation.

In view of the large number of items involved, the annotations are relatively brief rather than discursive. They identify the central focus of an item and highlight any unique features, but make no attempt to summarize or evaluate the material. Annotations for revisions indicate the nature and extent of the changes made in the item. Reviews of Dreiser's works have been identified but not annotated because of their repetitious nature and, in many cases, accessibility in Jack Salzman's Theodore Dreiser: The Critical Reception (see 1972.61). For most foreign-language items, the titles have been allowed to stand as the annotations.

A second goal of this Reference Guide has been to record information on reprints of the works about Dreiser as they, too, provide evidence of scholarly interest in the author in any given year and because often a reprint is more accessible than the original publication. For entire books on Dreiser, the reprint information appears at the end of the entry for the original edition. If only a date is cited, the book was reprinted by the original publisher. For books that include a discussion of Dreiser, the reprint information appears at the end of the entry for the original edition if the entire book was reprinted and in a separate entry in the year the reprint appeared if only a portion of the book was reprinted. Separate entries are also provided for reprints of essays and chapters in books, essays in journals, articles in newspapers, and reviews, except when they appear in a collection of reprints devoted exclusively to Dreiser (see 1971.47). A reprint in such a collection is given a separate entry only when it appears under a new title; when it is reprinted under its original title, the entry number for its original publication is given in the annotation for the collection. Page numbers for a reprint that is not given a separate entry can be found in the reprint information that appears with the annotation for the original publication.