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The approximate date of 1100 makes the glossed psalter the oldest codex in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library and places it very early in the development of the glossed Bible, decades before the text of the gloss was standardized. The irregular spacing of the gloss throughout may suggest that the scribe was compiling it himself, rather than copying it from another manuscript, as would later become common practice. Another noteworthy characteristic is the scribe's method of dealing with psalm lines longer than the width of the main text column: rather than continuing onto a second line, he inserts the remainder of the line at the end of a shorter previous line, marking the beginning of the insertion with a small pennant-shaped symbol. The origin of this technique, the sources of the gloss, and the degree to which this early gloss corresponds to the later glossa ordinaria are all questions open to original research.

The Psalms are written in 22 lines with marginal glosses
written in up to 58 lines.
They are in a late Carolingian
minuscule with the opening words of psalms and some
headings in glosses in majuscules



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