Keystone DH: Conference Schedule

Wednesday July 22

8.30 - 9.30am Registration & Coffee
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

9.30 - 10am Introductory Remarks
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

10 - 11.30am Long Papers (Session 1)
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. That's like 100 in Internet Years: Lessons Learned from 10 Years of (Deborah Boyer) (abstract)
  2. The shawu150 Project: Viewing DH from an HBCU (Desiree Dighton) (abstract)
  3. Documenting the History of Women in Higher Education (Michael Tedeschi and Monica Mercado) (abstract)

10 - 11.30am Long Papers (Session 2)
Location: 626

  1. Chasing Krüger's Dream: Visualizing the Transmission of Medieval Manuscripts Using Galois Lattice Theory (John Hessler) (abstract): Withdrawn
  2. The Marenzio Online Digital Edition (MODE): Reading and Performing Music in a Web-Based Dynamic Environment (Mauro Calcagno and Laurent Pugin) (abstract: Added
  3. Visual Exploration of Medieval Textual Histories: the Case of the French of Italy (Laura Morreale, Abigail Sargent, David Wrisley) (abstract)
  4. Nature in American Realism and Romanticism and the Problem with Genre (Martin Groff) (abstract)

10 - 11.30am Long Papers (Session 3)
Location: 627

  1. The Trees, the Forest, and the Passion for Prints: Network of Dutch Print Production 1500-1750 (Matthew Lincoln) (abstract)
  2. Cultural Production in the Islamic World (600-1900 CE): mining an Ottoman bibliographical collection from the early 20th century (Maxim Romanov) (abstract)

11.30am - 1.30pm Lunch Break (Keystone Digital Humanities Initiative Meeting, Optional, Location TBD)

1.30 - 3pm Long Papers (Session 4)
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. Bridges: A New Data-Analytic Resource for DH (Nick Nystrom, Rick Costa, and Joel Welling) (abstract)
  2. Online Tool to Teach Ancient and Byzantine Greek Handwriting (Pablo Alvarez) (abstract)
  3. The Politics of Text Mining (Justin Joque) (abstract)

1.30 - 3pm Long Papers (Session 5)
Location: 626

  1. Digital Humanities as Public Humanities: Digital Oral History Collections and Community-Engaged Undergraduate Education (Charlotte Nunes) (abstract)
  2. Towards a Taxonomy of DH Project Genres, Applied in Particular to Early Modern Studies (John Theibault) (abstract)
  3. Collecting and Analyzing Visual Data (Cheryl Klimaszewski) (abstract)

1.30 - 3pm Workshop
Location: 627

Copyrights for Digital Humanities: A Primer (Delphine Khanna, Brian W Boling, Matt Shoemaker) (abstract)

3 - 5pm Break
Optional tours:
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Library Company (Center City)
Weigel Information Commons (Van Pelt Library)

5pm Keynote: Miriam Posner, "What's Next?: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities."
Location: Cohen Hall G17
Followed by reception in Cohen Hall Schneidman Lobby

Thursday, July 23

9 - 10.30am Long Papers (Session 6)
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. Using Juxta in Translation Studies: or, Paleography and the digital versioning machine (Katherine Faull) (abstract)
  2. Legomenology: Tracing Aristotle's Thought Process (Tiffany N. Tsantsoulas, Christopher P. Long, and James O'Sullivan) (abstract)
  3. (Re)orienting TEI in Composition (Kevin Smith) (abstract)

9 - 10.30am Long Papers (Session 7)
Location: 626

  1. It's How You Play the Game: Playtesting and Game Design for the History of Medicine (Lisa Rosner) (abstract)
  2. Inhabiting the Digital Umvelt - New Forms of Being and Playing (Christopher Loughnane) (abstract)
  3. Forums for Lost Innocence: Pick-up Artists, Masculinity, and Mapping the Online Archives of Self-Transformation (Anders Wallace) (abstract)

9 - 10.30am Long Papers (Session 8)
Location: 627

  1. Cell Phones, Databases, and the Ends of Cinematic Narrative (John Hunter and Justin Eyster) (abstract)
  2. Computers on Law & Order (Jeff Thompson) (abstract)
  3. Software Studies Initiative's On Broadway Project: Data as Art (Emilee Mathews and Sylvia Page) (abstract)

10.30 - 11am Coffee Break

11am - 12.30pm Digital Showcase
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. Birds Eye Review: Remodeling the Book Review (Ruby Perlmutter) (abstract)
  2. The Story of the Stuff: Using Digital Humanities & Interactive Storytelling to Explore Memorialization & Grief in the Information Age (Ashley Maynor) (abstract)
  3. Multicultural, Bilingual, and Interactive Arabic and Hebrew Digital Edutainment: A Digital Project at University of Pennsylvania (Abeer Aloush) (abstract)
  4. Digital Harrisburg: Mapping the Pennsylvania State Capital in the Early Twentieth Century (David Pettegrew and Albert Sarvis) (abstract)
  5. "Lord, Don't Forget About Me": Saving America's Black Gospel Music Heritage with Baylor University's Black Gospel Music Restoration Project (Eric Ames) (abstract)
  6. The Vault at Pfaff's (Edward Whitley and Robert Weidman) (abstract)
  7. Digital archive of personal narratives about mental health (Elisabeth Muldowney) (abstract)

12.30 - 2pm Lunch Break

2 - 3.30pm Long Papers (Session 9)
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. Whither community? Data curation and public digital humanities (Lydia Zvyagintseva) (abstract)
  2. Scholarship as Public Practice: Cultivating a Digital Scholarly Community (Chris Long and Mark Fisher) (abstract)
  3. "Still Looking for You" place-based community engagement (Julia Maserjian and Annie Johnson) (abstract)

2 - 3.30pm Long Papers (Session 10)
Location: 626

  1. Goin' North: Content Production in the Collaborative Classroom (Janneken Smucker and Charles Hardy) (abstract)
  2. Digital Mosaic, Intersection of Digital Design and the Humanities: Five Professors, Five Software Platforms, Fourteen Weeks (Madis Pihlak) (abstract)
  3. Growing & Nurturing digital scholarship through faculty, student, staff collaboration (Janine Glathar, with Amanda Wooden, Amy Wolaver, Kevin Gilmore, Barry Long, and Brian Gockley) (abstract)

2 - 3.30pm Panel
Location: 627
The Ethics of Data Curation: The Quandary of Access vs. Protection (Diane Jakacki, Katherine Faull, Dot Porter, and James O'Sullivan) (abstract)

3.30 - 4pm Coffee Break

4 - 6pm / Optional tours:
Philadelphia Art Museum (Center City)
Temple Digital Scholarship Center (N. Philly)

Friday, July 24

9 - 10.30am Short Presentations
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. What DPLA can do for PA Digital Humanities: The Digital Public Library of America as a Portal and Platform for Teaching, Learning, and Research (Kristen Yarmey) (abstract)
  2. Blue Mountain Springs: Tapping a Reservoir of Humanities Data (Clifford Wulfman and Natalia Ermolaev) (abstract)
  3. Annotags: an Open-Source, Decentralized Textual Annotation Protocol (Jonathan Reeve) (abstract)
  4. Cinemablography (Fabrizio Cilento) (abstract)
  5. A Novel Approach to Enhancing Access to Visual Materials (Diane Biunno) (abstract)
  6. Comic Book Ratios in Design (Christopher Couch and Alexander Ponomareff) (abstract)
  7. Strategic Planning for Digital Scholarship (Laurie Allen and Mike Zarafonetis) (abstract)

9 - 10.30am Long Papers (Session 11)
Location: 626

  1. Tablets, Mobile Apps, and First Year Experience (Mary Paul) (abstract)
  2. A Survey of DH Curricula at the Present Time (Chris Alen Sula, Phillip Cunningham and Sarah Hackney) (abstract)
  3. Developing a Collaborative Pedagogy in the Digital Humanities (Aaron Brenner, Matt Burton, Alison Langmead, and Aisling Quigley) (abstract)

9 - 10.30am Long Papers (Session 12)
Location: 627

  1. Who reads the EULA? (Aaron Mauro) (abstract)
  2. Keeping the "Humanity" in DH Social Media Accounts (Eric Ames) (abstract)
  3. Beyond Citations: The Historian's Altmetrics? (Michelle Moravec) (abstract)

10.30 - 11am Coffee Break

11am - 12.30pm Digital Showcase
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. Bliss-Tyler Correspondence (Lain Wilson, Sara Taylor, and James Carder) (abstract)
  2. Black Liberation 1969: A Case Study in Risky DH and Activist Histories (Nabil Kashyap) (abstract)
  3. Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO), Folger Shakespeare Library (Paul Dingman) (abstract)
  4. The New Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts Project (Lynn Ransom and Jeff Chiu) (abstract)
  5. The InstaEssay Archive (Jonathan Fitzgerald) (abstract)
  6. Developing the Elements of "Learning As Play:" an Interactive Digital Project (Sandra Stelts, Linda Friend and Carlos Rosas) (abstract)
  7. Crowdsourcing In Theory and Practice: Lessons from The Boston Bombing Digital Archive (Jim McGrath and Alicia Peaker) (abstract)
  8. "Why Should I Care?" - Students and Online Primary Sources (Margaret Graham and Matt Herbison) (abstract)

12.30 - 2pm Lunch Break

2 - 3.30pm Long Papers (Session 13)
Location: Class of '78 Pavilion

  1. Art Tracks: Modeling Provenance for Computers (Tracey Berg-Fulton and David Newbury) (abstract)
  2. Metadata as an Analytical and Writing Tool (Rachel Kantrowitz) (abstract)
  3. Constructing an Imperial Lexiscape: Linguistic Layering and New Methods in Text Analysis (Molly Des Jardin, Katie Rawson, Madeline Wilcox, Timothy Clifford, and Brian Vivier) (abstract)

2 - 3.30pm Panel
Location: 626
"Where are we and where are we going?" The Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College at Five Years (Greg Lord, Lisa McFall, Angel David Nieves, and Janet T. Simons) (abstract)

2 - 3.30pm Long Papers (Session 14)
Location: 627

  1. An Analysis of Public Space in Istanbul (Labaron Palmer) (abstract): Withdrawn
  2. The Napoleonic Theater Corpus: towards a representative corpus of nineteenth-century French (Angus Grieve-Smith) (abstract)
  3. Literary Periodization and the (D)evolution of Distinctive Gender Markers (Sean G. Weidman and James O'Sullivan) (abstract)
  4. On Creating the Digital Joyce Word Dictionary (Natasha Chenier) (abstract)

3.30 Coffee Break

End of Conference!