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Esther B. Aresty Collection of Rare Books on the Culinary Arts Arrow   
  Mrs. Aresty's collection of cookbooks spans five centuries and represents most of the world's cultures. It includes 576 book and 13 manuscript titles
  (see the listings in Penn's Franklin Catalog Arrow  ) .

Laurie Burrows Grad Cookbook Collection Arrow
  Comprises over 6,000 cookery titles, primarily from the late twentieth century, covering the wide range of topics on food and cooking that appeared in
   this country during the last thirty years.
  (see the listings in Penn's Franklin Catalog Arrow  ) .

Chef Fritz Blank Culinary Archive and Library Arrow
  The thousands of cookbooks and cookery-related books in the collection span the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries.
  (see the listings in Penn's Franklin Catalog Arrow  ) .

A la Carte. recipes from the collections Arrow  
  (designed and printed by students in Typography at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design)

A Penn Libraries publication, The Library as Learning Matrix: The Art of the Box Lunch
Download the PDF. Arrow



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