Jenny Gerhardt - Theodore Dreiser's second novel, 1911. Early manuscripts.

Folder Contents Folder Contents
7121 Chapter I (part). 7134 Chapter X (conc. 5pp), Chapter XII (part, 25pp), (Folder).
7122 Chapter I (conc.); Chapter II; Chapter III (part). 7135 Chapter XII (conc); Chapter XIII (another, perhaps earlier version of Chapter XII, incomplete); fragment of early version of Chapter XII.
7123 Chapter III (conc.); Chapter IV (part). 7136 Chapter XIV (complete), 11pp; Chapter XV (and XVI?), incomplete, 15 pp; Chapter XVII (incomplete), 6 pp..
7124 Chapter IV (conc.); Chapter V (part). 7137 Chapter XVIII. 25pp; extra folios from earlier version of Chapter XVIII, 15 pp.
7125 Chapter V (conc.). 7138 Chapter XIX (incomplete); 13pp.
7126 Chapter VI (part, 30pp). 7140 Chapter XXIII.
7127 Chapter VI (conc., 17pp). 7141 Chapter XXIV (incomplete) & Chapter XXV? (incomplete).
7128 Chapter VII (part, 30pp). 7142 Chapter XXVI. 14pp; Chapter XVIII (another version of XXVI?), incomplete, 13 pp.
7129 Chapter VII (conc. 18pp), Chapter VIII (part, 12pp). 7143 Chapter? (follows XXV), incomplete.
7130 Chapter VIII (conc., 25pp), Chapter IX. 7144 Chapter XXVII.
7131 Chapter IX (part, 30pp). 7145 Chapter XXVIII
7132 Chapter IX (conc., 14pp), Chapter X (part, 16pp). 7146 Chapter XXIX.
7133 Chapter X (part, 30pp) [Chapter XII]. 7147 Chapter XXX (also other chapters?).