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The Lorraine Beitler Collection Advisory Committee       Mission  |  Members    

“Reflecting on my trials, I consoled myself that the iniquity from which I had so prodigiously suffered, might serve the cause of humanity . . . and aid in the development of sentiments of social solidarity.” Alfred Dreyfus, Following his exoneration, 1906
The Advisory Committee, consisting of scholars, community leaders, students, and curatorial staff, considers the issues raised by the Dreyfus Affair to have contemporary importance and global impact. It therefore fosters efforts to disseminate the lessons of the Affair to a diverse audience. The Committee guides the Collection's activities and programs, consisting of exhibitions, lectures, conferences, and other events intended for the Penn community and the wider public. The Committee seeks to promote:
  • preservation of and access to this unique research collection;
  • contributions to teaching, learning, research, and scholarship about the Dreyfus Affair;
  • an ongoing program of Collection-based exhibitions reaching across the globe.
  • Dr. Lorraine Beitler, Curator
  • Dr. Lance Donaldson-Evans, University Professor, Advisory Committee Chair