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Learn About the Dreyfus Affair

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"Dreyfus Revisited: A Current Affair"  
Written and produced by Lorraine Beitler
Directed by Jonathan Gruber, Black Eye Productions.
2006 Revision by Dawn Freer & Patricia Giniger Snyder, Rembrandt Films

Translation and subtitles provided by Internation, Inc.

A video documenting the Lorraine Beitler Collection of the Dreyfus Affair is available through the National Center for Jewish Film.

In this video presentation, rich pictorial imagery is presented along with texts from the period, following the events and themes of the Affair, including: the trials of Alfred Dreyfus and the Dreyfus family; the turbulent historical background of nineteenth-century France; the role of the media; and the work in support of Dreyfus by Georges Picquart and Emile Zola.

The video was reviewed in Hadassah Magazine, August/September 2009:
"This film works as a companion piece to Being Jewish in France. Lorraine Beitler’s 17-minute film compresses information and images taken from posters, newspapers, postcards, caricatures and photographs to flesh out how Alfred Dreyfus was unjustly convicted of treason in 1894 on the basis of false evidence and the passions that were subsequently stirred. Still-relevant issues, such as anti-Semitism, Zionism and the role of the media, are examined as well... —Z. S.

The DVD of "Dreyfus Revisited: A Current Affair" will be offered to all donors contributing $30 or more to support the Lorraine Beitler Endowed Fund.”

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