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Located in Penn's Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, Room 453, this musical  research library, international, and multi-lingual in scope, is a collection of  approximately 5,300 Judaic sound recordings, in various formats (78, 45 and 33rpm, reel to reel and cassette tapes, compact discs, videos and DVDs).

Over thirty three hundred of these recordings have been catalogued in an easily searchable internet database displaying song titles, authors, composers, performers, first lines and other related information.

The core of the Archive is the sound recordings, diverse in scope. The three major Judaic languages, Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino are well represented as well as translations in various languages. All genres are represented Israeli, songs of the Diaspora, instrumentals (klezmer and classical), spoken word, songs of the folk, theater, holocaust, literary origin and religious songs (Chassidic, liturgical cantorial). While the sound recordings are the core of the collection, there are three satellite collections.  

The satellite collections are some five hundred publications in which original text, translation, transliteration and melody line of the recorded songs and poems are available; a sheet music collection of some 1,000 pieces (with thousands of pieces of sheet music yet to be catalogued); and ephemera, over 1,300 items of newspaper and magazine articles, concert programs, images, playbills, song pamphlets and assorted memorabilia. Each item in these satellite collections are linked to the respective item in the sound archive, whether a song title, the name of a performer, poet, songwriter, composer or arranger, or album title. Each of the publications are linked to the University of Pennsylvania library, and are a mouse click away from the call number, location of the book and pertinent details regarding the specific publication. The location of each piece of sheet music and ephemera is displayed so that it may easily be retrieved. Additional sheet music resources are available at the Free Library of Philadelphia (not affiliated with UPenn).