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  ljs356 [Ornamental Horse Harnesses and Bridle Patterns] Vol. 1: Italy; Vol 2: Prague or Austria, saec. XVI 2/2
  ljs361 [Astronomical and Astrological Tables] with [Commentaries on the Gospel and Epistle Readings for the Whole Temporal by Durandus of St. Pourcain and Jacobus of Lausanne] Naples, 1327
ljs383 Legal Manuscript Document France, 1592
ljs397 [Wittenberg Student Notes On Astronomy] [Wittemberg, C. 1550]
ljs419 [Herbal containing 192 drawings of plants] Veneto? Italy, S. XV
ljs423 [De Zifras] [Spain, c. 1600]
ljs196 [Two Persian Manuscript Folios, with MINIATURES] [Date and Origin Uncertain]
ljs181 [Geometry (Plane and Spherical) { Notes for a Basic Textbook] France, after 1789
ljs188 The Ynstruction of the Ephimerede (in 22 Chapters) England, 1541
ljs197 [Moso (Na-khi) Manuscript] South-west China, s. XIXex-XXin
  ljs210 [Medical Student's (Paulo Naracci) Notes] [Northeast Italy], 1738
  ljs211 Richard Bigod, Fourth Earl of Norfolk Suffolk, Undated [Probably Ca. 1201-5]
  ljs212 [Maintenance Expenses of Fulling Mills] Poligny, Jura, 1380
  ljs215 [Scientific Encyclopedia] France, 1511
  ljs218 Poincar , H. (Lecturer) and E. Pomey (Student), [Mathematics Notes and Assignments with Corrections by Jules Henri Poincar ] Paris (Sorbonne), [Ca. 1881-1883]