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  ljs193 [Bible: Epistles and Acts of the Apostles] Akhmim, Egypt, 8 November 1714
  ljs428 [Antiphonary] Spain, s. XVI
ljs423 [De Zifras] [Spain, c. 1600]
  ljs432 [Il Capitano](Interview for a Bombardier) Rome?, Italy, XVII1
ljs397 [Wittenberg Student Notes On Astronomy] [Wittemberg, C. 1550]
ljs419 [Herbal containing 192 drawings of plants] Veneto? Italy, S. XV
ljs383 Legal Manuscript Document France, 1592
  ljs361 [Astronomical and Astrological Tables] with [Commentaries on the Gospel and Epistle Readings for the Whole Temporal by Durandus of St. Pourçain and Jacobus of Lausanne] Naples, 1327
  ljs356 [Ornamental Horse Harnesses and Bridle Patterns] Vol. 1: Italy; Vol 2: Prague or Austria, saec. XVI 2/2
  ljs342 [Visconti Chancellery, Water Rights in Milan], Eight Manuscript Documents of 1383-1386 and a Decree of 1444 IN MILAN], EIGHT MANUSCRIPT DOCUMENTS OF 1383-1386 AND A DECREE OF 1444, IN LATIN, ON VELLUM.

[Milan, Italy, 1383-1444]

  ljs322 Ibn SinĀ (Avicenna), Large Fragments of Books Three, Four and Five of AL-QĀnŪn Fi-at-tibb [Iran or Turkey, 13th century?]
  ljs323 Circumferentia, Latitudo, Et Altitudo Globorum Cum Mensura Corporum Et Diametrorum Planetarum Secundum Communiorem Sapientum Opiniorem [Italy, late 16th- early 17th century]
  ljs320 Geometria Germany, 18th century
  ljs314 East India Company Petition to Shah fabbas II of Persia Seeking Revenues From the Customs in the Port of Gombroon London, 9 April, 1660
  ljs310 Map, BirdFs-eye View of a District in Tarn-et-garonne in the Southwest of France Between Castelsarrasin (Top of Map) and Castelferrus (Bottom of Map) and the Monastery of Belleperche (On the Right Side of the Map) IDE OF THE MAP), IN LATIN ON VELLUM.

Tarn-et-Garonne ?, c. 1460-1545