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  ljs426 Kitab al-Q?n?n f? al-tibb (Canon of Medicine) Persia, s. XIVEX
  ljs427 Kitab al-Q?n?n f? al-tibb (Canon of Medicine, books 2-5) Persia, s. XVI-XVII
  ljs417 Books 3, 4 and 5 of the Kitab al-Q?n?n f? al-tibb 1494-8( 899-904AH)
  ljs393 Sharh Kit?b Buqurat (Commentary on Hippocrates) [AND] Kit?b ibn Ish?q (Commentary on Questions on Medicine for Students by Johannitius) Mamluk, Egypt or Syria, s. XIVMED
  ljs478 Kitab dar Tastih (Book on Sterographic Projection and Nastulus) , Risala-ye Birkar-i Tamm (Treatise on the Perfect Compass) and Al-Quhi (Treatise on a Special Compass for Drawing Conic Sections) 28 May (now 30 May) & June 1 (now June 5), 1228
ljs444 (incomplete. pages 187r through 241v are online.)
Kitab Hall al-Mujiz, [The Key to the Mujiz, by the scribe Kamal al-Din Mahmud al-Astarabadi]
6 January 1480 (22 Shawwal 884)
  ljs400 Sharh-i Zij Gurgani Persia, 1493-4 (899 AH)
  ljs136 Vita Del Gran Pittore Cavalier Co: Carlo Cignani Bologna: L[elio] Dalla Volpe, 1722
ljs358 Letter to Cardinal Rodolfo Pio da Carpi [Como ?, Italy, c. 1560]
  ljs167 Address to the Honourable Albert D. Shaw` [Sale, England. 30 June 1885]
  ljs145 A Treatise of Painting by Leonardo da Vinci`to Which Is PrefixFd the AuthorFs Life; Done From the Last Edition of the French London: For J. Senex at The Globe And W. Taylor at The Ship, 1721
  ljs158 La Gallerie Du Palais Du Luxembourg Peinte Par Rubens` Paris: Duchange, 1710
  ljs319 Derrota Destancias En Navegacion En Los Distintos Puntes Del Archipielago Manila [Manila, Phillipines, c. 1750]
  ljs249 Malmantile Recquistato Florence: Stamperia di S. A. S. Alla Condotta, ad istanza di Niccolò Taglini, 1688
  ljs148 Imagines Mortis His Accesserunt Epigrammata [With] Medicina Animae [And with Several Other Texts] Cologne: Arnoldi Birckmanni, 1573