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  ljs497 The Cosmography of Ibn al-Wardi Kharidat al-`Aja?ib wa Faridat al-Ghara?ib, `The Pearl of Wonders and the Uniqueness of Things Strange? Western Mediterranean, early 15th century
  ljs494 Mar?eh Ha-Ofanim [Tractatus de Sphaera] translated by Solomon Avigdor, and Judah ibn Tibbon, attributed to, Ruah Hen [Spirit of Grace] Northern Italy, second quarter of the 15th century
  ljs493 Physica 3rd quarter of the 12th Century, France
  ljs492 Medical Miscellany in Hebrew Spain, mid-15th century
ljs491 Hebrew Mathematical Treatise drawing on Euclid and Arabic scholars probably Italy, 1650-1750
  ljs490 Astronomical Compendium Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg or Rhenish Palatinate (Heidelberg?), c. 1450-1460
  ljs489 Bactrian Palimpsest Document Northern Hindu-Kush, Afghanistan, 4th or 5th B.C.
ljs488 [Geometry]. Excerpts from FRA LUCA PACIOLI DI BORGO SAN SEPOLCRO, Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita [Cose di geometria]; [Architecture]. Excerpts from LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI, De re aedificatoria [Mesure de colonne e capitelli]. Italy, Venice.
ljs487 [On the Composition and the Uses of a Combined Nocturnal and Sun Dial]; De confectio baculi Jacob [On Making a Cross-staff] Eastern France, Franche-Comte?
  ljs486 Kitab Alghaz (Book Of Riddles) Egypt, Mamluk period, 17th Rajab 720 AH/23rd August 1320
  ljs485 De Humani Corporis Fabrica Librorum Epitome [Germany, Hesse?, c. 1590-1595?]
  ljs484 Mulomedicina (Digesta Artis Mulomedicinalis), [In an anonymous Tuscan translation, L?Arte de la Medicina de le Bestie or The Art of Animal Medicine] Italy, Ferrara ?, circa 1450-1475
  ljs481 [Commentary on] Talkhis Amal al-Hisab of Ibn al-Banna North Africa (Probably Morocoo), c. XV
  ljs480 [Teams of oxen for plowing and similar work in the fields] Babilonia, c. 1900-1700 BCE
  ljs479 Fiori di Virtu; Taddeo Alerotti Libellus de Sanitate; Text on the Cardinal Virtues; Pseudo-Aristotle Secret of Secrets; Lexicon Suido Italy, XIV (after 1323)