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ljs382 (Autograph Alchemical Compendium of Recipes and Drawings) Vienna, c. 1467
ljs444 (incomplete. pages 187r through 241v are online.)
Kitab Hall al-Mujiz, [The Key to the Mujiz, by the scribe Kamal al-Din Mahmud al-Astarabadi]
6 January 1480 (22 Shawwal 884)
  ljs185 [psalter and BIBLE] [Egypt (said to be from Abbey of St. Anthony), n.d.]
  ljs311 Sefer HaFkannon (Canon of Medicine) (Al-qĀnŪn Fi-at Tibb) and Moses Ben Maimon, MaFamar Ha-nikhad Italy, 15th century
  ljs299 Sefer HaFkannon (Canon of Medicine) (Al-qĀnŪn Fi-at-tibb) And other Medical Treatises Yemen, 15th century
  ljs371 Tractatus de Testamentis Coniugum, in Quinque Libros Coloniae: Apud Antonium Hierat, 1599
  ljs050 (book of Wonders of Creation) Persia, 1552
  ljs068 A Geometrical Practise` finished By Thomas Digges London: Henry Bynneman, 1571
  ljs321 A Geometricall Extraction for All Affected to the Mathematickes... , Bound with Documents by Henry, John Digby, James I and a 15th Century Land Register Levington [Suffolk], 25 March 1648
  ljs315 A Geometricall Extraction, Or a Compoendious Collection of the Chiefe and Choyse Problemes, Collected Out of the Best, and Latest Writers London: Edward Allde, 1616
  ljs145 A Treatise of Painting by Leonardo da Vinci`to Which Is PrefixFd the AuthorFs Life; Done From the Last Edition of the French London: For J. Senex at The Globe And W. Taylor at The Ship, 1721
  ljs167 Address to the Honourable Albert D. Shaw` [Sale, England. 30 June 1885]
  ljs380 Adversus Mathematicos, (With) Dialexeis [Italy, possibly Ferrara, Florence or Rome, 1425-1450]
ljs037 Al-ikhtisar Min Al-maqalat Min Kit?b Uqlidis (abridgement of Articles From EuclidFs Elements) [Syria, egypt or Iraq, 502-504 A.H. (1108-1111 C.E.)]