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  ljs030 [Collages of Manuscript Miniatures (Probably From a Breviary)] [Northern France (Probably Rouen), Ca. 1475-1490]
  ljs031 [Credo, From An Antiphonary] [Italy, s. XV]
  ljs032 [Circle of Liberale da Verona, the Nativity], Historiated Manuscript Initial [Verona, s. XV4/4]
  ljs033 [Chess Scene, by the Spanish Forger] [France, Ca. 1900]
  ljs034 De Mysteriis (Chapters 8-9) [Italy,s. XIex]
  ljs035 [Canon Law, Glossed Commentary] [Germany,s. XIIImed]
  ljs036 [Chronicle (Describing the Jewish Wars)] [Italy, s. XII]
ljs037 Al-ikhtisar Min Al-maqalat Min Kit?b Uqlidis (abridgement of Articles From EuclidFs Elements) [Syria, egypt or Iraq, 502-504 A.H. (1108-1111 C.E.)]
  ljs038 [Collection of Prayers] Turkey, Safar 889 A.H. (March 1484)
  ljs039 DalaFil Al-khayrat (Guides to Good Things) [Levant, s. XVII or XVIII]
  ljs040 [Collection of Prayers and Charms] [Egypt, s. XVIII]
  ljs041 Megillat Esther [Italy, s. XV]
  ljs042 [Commentary ON] Beit Elohim and ShaFar Ha-shamayim Salonika, 1551
  ljs043 [qasaFid?] Shah Qasim Wa-ghayruhu Min Tasanifih ([poems?] and Other Works of Shah Qasim) [Persia, s. XVI]
ljs044 [Ghazals (Love Poems)] [India, s. XVIII1