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  ljs046 [Herbal] and [Description of the Flora, Topography and Customs of the Kingdom of Morocco], Added Between 1597 and 1603 [Northern Italy, Ca. 1520]
ljs047 De Institutione Musica [France, Ca. 1490]
  ljs048 Instrumenta Feudorum Casri Sonae, Ruffo, Francesco Di Andrea (De Rufis) (Scribe) Verona, 1504
ljs049 Rauda-t Al-adhan Fi MaFrafa-t Tashrih Badan Al-insan [Tashrih Mansuri] (A Treatise on the Anatomy of the Human Body) Persia, 813 A.H. (1411 C.E.)
  ljs050 (book of Wonders of Creation) Persia, 1552
  ljs051 [A Book of Alphabets and Encoded Letters] [Syria?, s. XV]
  ljs052 De Bello Judaico - de Antiquitate Judaica Verona: Petrus Maufer, 25 Dec 1480
  ljs053 Chroniques [Paris: Antoine V rard, 1495-1500]
ljs054 Conticini (Magister), [Notarial Formulary] [Padua, Ca. 1230]
ljs055 L'Image Del Monde [With] Honorius Augustodunensis, Lucidarius, [And Other Texts] [France, (Lorraine?), s. XIV]
  ljs056 Logica [Or] Summula Logicae [Padua], Second Section Written By Johannes Beylarius of Cologne, 6 April 1420
ljs057 [Astronomical Tables, and Other Texts on Astronomy Including Ptolemy], the Sefer HaFmivcharim (Book of Selection) [Catalonia, Perhaps Barcelona, Aragon, Spain, Ca. 1361-62]
  ljs058 Jeu Des Eschez (Translated From Jacobus de CESSOLIS de Ludo Scachorum) [France, s.XVex]
  ljs059 [Ducale for Paolo Nani, Podest and Captain of Treviso], with a Dedication Miniature in the Style of Benedetto Bordone Venice, 25 May 1517
  ljs060 Cosmographie [Northern Italy, s. XV/XVI]