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  ljs001 [Book of Hours (Use of Rome)] [Paris, ca. 1575-80]
  ljs002 [Book of Hours (Use of Rome)] [Loire Valley (possibly Bourges)], s. XVI1/4
  ljs003 [Book of Hours (Use of Paris)] [Northern France (Paris?), s. XIVmed]
  ljs004 [Book of Hours (Use of Sarum)] [Bruges?, 1430-50]
  ljs005 [Book of Hours (Use of Rome)] [Utrecht, s. XV4/4]
  ljs006 [Book of Hours (Use of Bourges)] [Loire Valley, 1470-80]
  ljs007 [Book of Hours (Use of Rome)] [Germany, XVI4/4-xvii1/4]
  ljs008 [Book of Hours (Use of Soissons)] [Paris: Philippe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre 1509]
  ljs009 [Book of Hours (Use of ROME)](Heures de Nostre Dame, a LFusage de Rome, Latin, Francois...) [Paris: Sebastian Hure, 1619]
  ljs010 [Breviary] [Germany, Franconia (Bavaria) 1444]
  ljs011 [Sacramentary (Cistercian Use)] [Italy, 1185-90]
  ljs012 [office for the Reception of Novices Into a Nunnery, with Rules of the Order of the Penance of St. Dominic] [Italy, s. XVIex]
  ljs013 [Penitential Psalms and Additional Prayers (For Use by a Priest)] [France, s, XVIIex]
  ljs014 Libellus de Speculativa Misticae Theologiae [Northern France, Ca. 1420]