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ljs017 Hystoires Anciennes JusquFa Cesar [Bourges Or Loire Valley, Ca. 1470]
ljs024 [Medical Miscellany], Johannitus, Introduction Ad Artem Parvam Galeni; Philaretus, Liber de Pulsibus; Aegidius Corboliensis, De Pulsu; Isaac Judeus, De Dietus Universalibus, de Dietis Particulares, Liber Febrium, Liber Elementorum, Liber Urinarum Translated by Constantinus Africanus [Paris, s.XIIImed]
ljs025 [metaphysica, Liber Ethicorum, [and] Economica] [Italy, s.XIIIex]
ljs026 Algorismus [With] Tractatus de Sphaera [Italy, s. XIIImed]
ljs027 Algorismus Nola, 1478
ljs037 Al-ikhtisar Min Al-maqalat Min Kit?b Uqlidis (abridgement of Articles From EuclidFs Elements) [Syria, egypt or Iraq, 502-504 A.H. (1108-1111 C.E.)]
ljs044 [Ghazals (Love Poems)] [India, s. XVIII1
ljs047 De Institutione Musica [France, Ca. 1490]
ljs049 Rauda-t Al-adhan Fi MaFrafa-t Tashrih Badan Al-insan [Tashrih Mansuri] (A Treatise on the Anatomy of the Human Body) Persia, 813 A.H. (1411 C.E.)
ljs054 Conticini (Magister), [Notarial Formulary] [Padua, Ca. 1230]
ljs055 L'Image Del Monde [With] Honorius Augustodunensis, Lucidarius, [And Other Texts] [France, (Lorraine?), s. XIV]
ljs057 [Astronomical Tables, and Other Texts on Astronomy Including Ptolemy], the Sefer HaFmivcharim (Book of Selection) [Catalonia, Perhaps Barcelona, Aragon, Spain, Ca. 1361-62]
ljs061 [Register of Writs and Formulary From 28 January [Year] 13 Richard Ii (1390) to 28 April [Year] 8 Henry Iv (1407)] London, [Ca.1407 AND 1437]
ljs062 [The Herbal of Dioscorides Pedanius, Isocrates and Galen] [Eastern Mediterranean, s. XV]