Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection -- Manuscript Number: ljs061              Version:
[Register of Writs and Formulary From 28 January [Year] 13 Richard Ii (1390) to 28 April [Year] 8 Henry Iv (1407)]    London, [Ca.1407 AND 1437]

Physical Description:

231 folios, stub after folio 205 apparently originally blank, collation: i-xxvii8, xxviii7, xxix8, catchwords in lower right corner of last verso of each quire, usually within a scroll frame, first four folios of quires iii-xiii signed [a1`a4]- [k1`k4] (the first two quires are unfoliated and unsigned indices), contemporary foliation in center of upper margin, from 1 { 152, then starting over from 1 { 53, ending at folio 204; a second, slightly later foliation in the lower right corner (used here for reference) runs from 1 { 214, repeating [151] (neither system includes the first 16 folios of indices), single column, 37 to 48 lines per page, the main portion of the manuscript written by a single scribe in Gothic cursive, with spaces left for initials at folios 1, 97, and 152 (the beginnings of each section), pointing hands on f. 126v, and small drawing of a crown on f. 161, binding late fifteenth-century calf over wooden boards (worn), remains of two metal clasps but both catches missing, covers blind-tooled: within a frame is found an ornate rolled panel, whose designs include heads, within which is a smaller inner rolled panel using another ornamental design; a central motif is of two impressions of a stirrup tool, spine rebacked over original sewing, this being on four double cords; nineteenth-century spine label: "Statutes, &c / from / Richard I / to Mary I" and gold label "LXXXVIII"; old paper pastedowns, the rear one having some pencilled lot numbers, and one old paper flyleaf at the end, on the recto of which are sixteenth-century notes; spine liners from a 14th or 15th century vellum manuscript visible at hinges. 260 x 173 (210 x 133) mm.

Incipit: Index: Attorium in vii`; text: Ricardus dei gratia rex anglorum`/`[recipes].


  1. Written in London in 1407.
  2. Robert Nevill, Bishop of Salisbury 1427-37, or one of his legal officers. On the last verso is written a menu for a feast dinner given by him (see below). Nevill was born in 1404, the fifth son of Ralph, earl of Westmoreland and Joan Beaufort, the daughter of John of Gaunt. He was the brother of Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury, of Edward Lord Bergaveny and of William Lord Fauconberg and the uncle of George Neville, archbishop of York. He studied at Oxford, and was Bishop of Salisbury between 1427 and 1437/8, when he was created Bishop of Durham. He died in 1457.
  3. Fifteenth-century ownership inscriptions of Nicolas Fowle on f. 151v ("Iste Registrum Cancellarie Anglie constat Nicolas Fowle") and f. 214v ("Iste registrum iudiciale constat Nicolas Fowle."). In both cases, the name has been effaced but is legible under ultra-violet light.
  4. Late fifteenth- or early sixteenth-century ownership inscriptions of Thomas Thomson substituted for the name of Nicolas Fowle on f. 152v (where he records that he paid 20 shillings for the book { "pret. xx. Sh.") and f. 214v. There is also an inscription on f. 1: "Thomas Thomson me possidet".
  5. From the library of Dr. (Rev.) Adam Clarke (?1762 { 1832), probably his spine label with number LXXXVIII.
  6. Probably from Clarke sale of SothebyFs, 21 May 1838.
  7. Purchased from Baynes and Co. by Sir Thomas Phillipps, his Ms. 10349.
  8. SothebyFs, 5 June 1899, lot 32, unsold.
  9. SothebyFs, 1 May 1903, lot 957.
  10. ChristieFs, 26 June 1996, lot 16.
  11. Acquired from Sam Fogg, June 1996.

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