Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection -- Manuscript Number: ljs445              Version:
[Pronasticatio and Calendar for the Years 1475-1513]    Nuremberg, Germany, c. 1500

Physical Description: 227 leaves, VI-5 (7). 3 VIII (55). III (61). VIII-3 (74).XI (96). VI (108). VII (121). V (131). VI (143). VI-5 (150). VIII (166).V (177). VI-3 (186). V (197). VI (209). VI-1 (220). V-2 (228). text complete, several quires bound in false sequence, single and double column, 22 - 35 lines, text alternating with charts (mostly 160 x 110mm), written in batarde script in dark brown ink, numerous lines in charts and schematic drawings in red, several schematic drawings of solar and lunar eclipses as charts, colored with wash in brown and yellow; pen-and -ink drawings of the signs of the zodiac, colored with wash in brown, olive green, red, blue and yellow, visible signs of use, some pen- and- ink drawings have been cut out; these parts have been restored recently and new paper has been fitted in, nine modern bookmarks. original blind-stamped pigskin binding over wooden boards, one clasp (tie replaced, on the front cover imprint of a document, of which just a strip of 6 cm width is preserved, 17th century (?) paper label on title : Prenosticatio was di gro?, Coniunction und d. Eclipsis bedeuten ect .Codex restored in 1999, 230 x 160 mm.


    1) On the front cover an almost illegible document, judged by the script to be dated end of the fifteenth century, on which one can decipher the naming of the free city of Nuremberg. It is likely that the manuscript originates in Nuremberg. 2) On fol. 95 and 96 the Nuremberg shoemaker Veit Engelhardt names himself `Von Mir Vbeito Engelharto Holz-schuhero Noricus Vom Herrn Veit Engelhardt Holzschuher Noricus?. Engelhardt?s name is repeated on fol. 2 and 3v in a different (later?) script (of the nineteenth century?). 3) Gunther/Ferrini 1999, number 21 4) Gunther/Burns 2001, number 53. 5) Acquired from Sam Fogg, December 2002.

Manuscript unpublished. - For Regiomontanus-Codices: A. von Euw / Joachim Plotzek: Die Handschriften der Sammlung Ludwig, vol. 3, Cologne 1982, No. XII.