UPenn Libraries LJS 225 - Liber Simulationis Litterarum
by Isabella Reinhardt

The Liber Simulationis Litterarum was written by Michael Zopello, and presented to Pope Callixtus III between 1455 and 1458. The book is written in humanist script, in Latin and Italian, with an ornate decoration, including Callixtus’ coat of arms, on the first page. The book contains two systems of code, invented by Zopello himself, to disguise the Papal correspondences. The first code is based on word substitution, while the second uses symbols to stand in for the letters of the alphabet and important terms. Much of the book is taken up by word tables for the code. The aim of this project was to create a transcription and translation of the Liber Simulationis Litterarum, and to publish these digitally. The finished product allows the viewer to see the digital facsimile of the manuscript, the transcription, translation, and a visualization of the encoded message.
- Isabella Reinhardt

Note: The transcription and translation are encoded in TEI/XML and presented using the Edition Visualization Technology developed by Roberto Rosselli Del Turco at the University of Pisa. Many thanks to Dr. Rosselli Del Turco and Chiara Di Pietro for their help modifying the EVT to suit LJS 225.

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