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Like Penn State, the University of Michigan is notable for the high artistic quality of its posters. It is also notable for two other reasons, however. First, Michigan instituted a tradition called "Black Friday" (years before the November 1910 suffragette Black Friday). On that date, the sophomore and freshmen classes would square off in an annual battle. Posters would combine rules and a challenge calling freshmen to the field of battle. Secondly (as was also true at Penn), the Michigan freshmen regularly responded to the sophomores with their own poster. On display are a pair of posters from 1907 no. 2 is the sophomore poster; no. 3 is the freshman response. Occasionally, two separate groups of freshmen would respond with independent posters, as was the case in 1908: no. 4 is the sophomore poster, and nos. 5 and 6 are the separate freshman responses.