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Posters made by the freshman class in response to the sophomore posters vary widely in quality. Freshmen, often stunned by the sudden appearance of the sophomores' proclamations, typically put forth a hurried and less refined poster, and sometimes exceeded the bounds of acceptable language.

Among the most interesting, and colorful, posters are those posted after a class contest by a victorious freshman class. These posters intend to rub the sophomores' noses in their defeat, as the following verse from a University of Wisconsin postcard indicates. Here the freshmen were rubbing the sophomores' noses in the fact that they had rubbed their noses in the mud:

What have we done, What have we done
Put the sophomores, on the bum
How did we do it, How did we do it
Roll'd 'em in the mud, And made 'em chew IT

And perhaps most succinct and to the point, presumably from the victorious freshmen of an unknown college, is reproduced here...