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Many of the posters hailed from all-male schools, but it was not long before coeducational and women's colleges chimed in with rules for women. A poster in this section from the erstwhile all-women's Elmira College dates to 1906. The women of the coeducational University of New Hampshire often promulgated a separate set of rules that applied only to female members of the freshman class. Two examples of UNH women's rules posters are on display, one from ca. 1936. The other, from the Class of 1931, borrows the style of its men's counterpart in the previous section. In 1932 the sophomore women of Occidental College handed down their rules in the form of a court-ordered injunction. And the women of the Vermont class of 1938, in addition to following the rules, were required to carry their handbook and wear their freshman armband, an example of which is also on display.