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  In collaboration with SAS Computing and PennSound, the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image (SCETI) has been working for over a year to develop the tools, protocols, and workflow that will allow the Penn Library to deliver a publicly accessible archive for thousands of PennSound audio files.

In order to facilitate cataloging the PennSound archive and also promote public access, SCETI is currently at work developing a dynamic, database-driven interface to the PennSound relational database. The web-based cataloging interface lets sound file catalogers:

  • Capture the details of any event or collection in which the recorded work was originally associated. Events will typically refer to poetry readings or special gatherings where the poem was recorded. Collections will typically refer to recordings of an individual’s or a group’s works that were released as a compilation on tape or CD (see sample screens).
  • Capture all of the pertinent bibliographical information for a poem or other spoken word recording that is in a digital file format (such as .mp3) (see sample screens).
  • Capture information about the recording personnel and the original source (tape, CD) of a particular recording (see sample screens).

When work is completed on the cataloging interface, the next phase of the PennSound project will be to create a publicly accessible interface to PennSound's rich audio metadata. In addition to displaying information about individual works, authors, titles, or other attributes, the public site will provide direct access to streaming audio files.

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