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People in the image
Dee, John (1527 - 1608)
Sedziwój, Michal (ca. 1556 - ca. 1646)
also known as Michael Sendivogius
Sendivogius Polonus
Image information
Image caption[Emperor Rudolph II in the Laboratory of his Alchemyst]
Creator (Lithographer) Mathey, A.
Creator (Painter) Brozik, Vaclav , 1851 - 1901
Image Type Print (Lithograph)
Image Date [not before 1881]
Size 54 x 35 cm.
Call number Smith P/D366.2A L
Notes Alchemy. After painting by Brozik, 1881, held by Stuart Collection, New York Public Library. Image may represent Dee's visit to the court of Bohemia in the 1580's. Image has also been described as representing Sedziwój (Sendivogius) rather than Dee. P/D366.2b L (not scanned): 5 photomechanical copies of painting.
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function Material
Receiver   Glassware