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Image information
Image captionA Second View of Practical Chymistry begun in the Universal Magazine in December. 1747 / Engrav'd for the Universal Magazine 1748 for J. Hinton at the Kings Arms in St. Pauls Church Yard London.
Publisher Hinton, John
Image Type Print (Engraving)
Image Date 1748
Size 23 x 19.5 cm.
Call number RBC AP3 U5 V.2 1748 P.136
Notes Lower caption partially cut off. Article in RBC AP3.U5 vol.2 (1748), pp.135-138. Key to image, p.136: "The Plate of the Second View of Practical Chymistry explained. 1. An iron hook to clear the grate with. 2,3,4, several sorts of tongs. 5, Iron rings to break glasses with. 6, A black-lead crucible. 7, A furnace for distilling hartshorn in quantity: a is the earthen head: b the body of the furnace, containing an iron pot. 8, A digesting furnace: a is a balneum at the end of the furnace: b, the sand bath. 9, The Balneum Mariae. 10, a melting furnace: a,b, are two small doors to the fire-place to be opened occasionally, when it is necessary only to inspect the matter acted on by the fire, or to add fuel: c a large door to be opened, when a crucible is to be set in or taken out of the furnace. 11, A small furnace, in which flowers of sulphur are sublimed in small quantities: a,a, are two receivers: b is an earthen or iron head: c is the vessel which contains the sulphur in the furnace. 12, a plain glass bell for making spirit of sulphur: a is a vessel containing burning sulphur, with a receiver under it. 13, a more commodious apparatus for making spirit of sulphur: a is a large retort with a hole in its bottom, and running into a tubulated receiver, with the spout upwards: e a glass mortar: d a concave glass plate, with a hole in the middle: c a gallipot inverted over the perforation in d. b A crucible containing burning sulphur."
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function Material
Athanor (Digesting Furnace) Digestion  Brick or Stone 
Bell (Bell Glass)   Glassware 
Crucible   Metal: Lead 
Furnace (Stove, Oven) Distillation   
Fusion (Melting) Furnace    
Mortar   Glassware 
Receiver   Glassware 
Retort   Glassware 
Rings   Metal: Iron 
Sand Furnace (Sand Bath, Sand Heat)    
Sublimatory Sublimation   
Tongs   Metal 
Water Bath (Balneum Mariae)    
Publishig information
Author Chemicus, pseud.,
Title[A Second View of Practical Chymistry] The Universal Magazine, vol. 2.
PublisherJ. Hinton
Imprint DateMarch, 1748
Location in Bookopp.p.136