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Image information
Image caption[Chemist or alchemist in laboratory]
Image Type Print (Engraving)
Image Date 1728
Size 7 x 12 cm.
Call number Smith 540.1 R11GR FRONT
Notes Alchemy. Aludels sit on top of furnace.
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function Material
Furnace (Stove, Oven)    
Receiver   Glassware 
Tongs   Metal 
Publishig information
Author I.M.R.,
TitleDie gantz neue eröffnete Pforte zu dem chymischen Kleinod, oder, Einige vornehmste chymische arcana...
Publisherbey Johann Friedrich Rüdiger
Imprint Date1728
Location in BookFrontispiece