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Image information
Image captionThe Laboratory at the Surrey Institution, Black Friars Bridge London.
Image Type Print (Engraving)
Image Date 1810
Size 25.5 x 22 cm.
Call number Smith QD30 P24 1812 FRONT
Notes Fig. 1: "A section of the Furnaces"; Fig. 2: "A View of the Laboratory"; Fig. 3: "Table Furnace." "Description of the Plate" on pp. [xvii]-xix.
Institution information
InstitutionSurry Institution (London, England)
CountryGreat Britain
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function Material
Air Furnace (Wind Furnace) Assaying   
Furnace (Stove, Oven) Distillation   
Retort   Earthenware or Glassware 
Reverberatory Furnace (Reverberatory)    
Sand Furnace (Sand Bath, Sand Heat)    
Publishig information
Author Parkes, Samuel , 1828 - 1885
TitleThe chemical catechism, with notes, illustrations, and experiments. (5th ed.)
PublisherPrinted for the author and sold by Lackington, Allen
Imprint Date1812
Location in BookFrontispiece