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People in the image
Davy, Humphry , Sir (1778 - 1829)
also known as Davy, H., Sir
Dévi, Gemfri
Rumford, Benjamin , Graf von (1753 - 1814)
also known as Sir Benjamin Thompson Rumford
Image information
Image captionScientific Researches!--New Discoveries in Pneumaticks!--or an Experimental Lecture on the Powers of Air.
Creator (Artist) Gillray, James , 1756 - 1815
Image Type Photograph of print
Image Date 1851
Size 25 x 20.5 cm.
Call number Smith P/C245A M
Notes Photograph of engraving from The Works of James Gillray, from the original plates...(London 1851), no. 520 (Forrest Portfolio NC1479.G5 B7 1851). Original publication of image: May 3, 1802. Description of image by Thomas Wright, in Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray (London 1851), pp. 468-469: "A burlesque on the Royal Institution, which had been recently founded. Most of the figures are portraits of the more distinguished members of the Institution. The gentleman experimented upon is Sir J.C. Hippesley; the operator, Dr. Garnet. The bellows are held by Sir Humphry Davy, not then a baronet. To the extreme right (to the left of Davy) Count Rumford is easily recognized; and in the circle, beginning with him, are Mr. D'Israeli (in spectacles); Earl Gower (afterwards Marquis of Stafford); Lord Stanhope; Earl Pomfret; Sir Henry Englefield; Miss Lock (afterwards Mrs. Angerstein); Mr. Sotheby; Mr. Denys (in spectacles) with his little boy; back front view of his wife, Lady Charlotte Denys (daughter of Lord Pomfret); Miss Denys; Mr. Tholdal (a German in the suite of a foreign minister); and others who are either not portraits or are not now known."
Institution information
InstitutionRoyal Institution of Great Britain
CountryGreat Britain
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