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Image information
Image captionHydrostatic Blow-Pipe.
Creator (Engraver) Akin, James , ca. 1773 - 1846
Creator (Inventor) Hare, Robert , 1781 - 1858
Image Type Print (Engraving)
Image Date 1802
Size 23 x 19.5 cm.
Call number Smith 540.4 H226 NO.4 FRONT.
Notes Plate shows a wooden cask empty (on left) and containing water (on right), along with details of blowpipe parts. This blowpipe, which may be filled with water, air, or gases, allowed the production of higher and more constant heat than earlier methods. "The Blow-Pipe is, on many occasions, an useful instrument...for the purpose of enamelling, to soften or solder small pieces of metal, and for the fabrication of glass instruments"(p.5).
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function
Burner (Lamp)  
Publishig information
TitleMemoir on the Supply and Application of the Blow-Pipe.
PublisherH. Maxwell
Imprint Date1802
Location in BookFrontispiece