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Image information
Image captionThird View of Practical Chemistry. / Engrav'd for the Universal Magazine 1751. for J. Hinton at the Kings Arms in St. Paul's Churchyard London.
Publisher Hinton, John
Image Type Print (Engraving)
Image Date 1751
Size 28 x 15 cm.
Call number Smith P/L112.21B L
Notes Article contained in RBC AP3.U5 vol.8 (1751), pp.176-181. Key to image, p.181: "Explanation of the Plate representing a third View of Practical Chemistry, A, a furnace for distilling in balneum mariae. B, a furnace for making spirit of hartshorn, &c. in great quantities, e, its head, and b,b, two receivers. C, a sand furnace; d a retort placed in it. D, another sand-furnace, having a copper distilling body placed in it, to which it is fitted (d) a glass head, and (e) a receiver. E, a small open furnace for divers uses, as boiling syrups, evaporating liquids, &c. F, a wind-furnace, blown by the bellows, M, f a cucurbit in a copper vessel with sand, placed over the furnace. G, a sand-heat, with a retort and a receiver. H, H, two sand-heats, in each of which is placed a retort k, m, for distilling volatile spirits, one of which has a single receiver l, and a double one i, k. I, a cold still; n and o the receiver. K, a sand-heat, in which a retort q, having a large receiver p fitted to it for making sal volatile. L, a digesting furnace, having a circulatory vessel r, s, placed in it for extracting tinctures, &c. N, O, P, three chimnies, which, after uniting, join the main chimney of the laboratory."
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function Material
Air Furnace (Wind Furnace)    
Athanor (Digesting Furnace) Digestion   
Bellows   Wood; Leather 
Receiver   Glassware 
Retort   Glassware 
Rings   Metal 
Sand Furnace (Sand Bath, Sand Heat) Distillation  Stone 
Water Bath (Balneum Mariae) Distillation  Stone 
Publishig information
Author J.D.,
Title"The Usefulness of the Chemical Art: with a Copper-Plate Representing a Third View of Practical Chemistry." The Universal Magazine, vol. 8.
PublisherJ. Hinton
Imprint DateApril 1751
Location in Bookopp.p.176