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Image information
Image captionThe Art of Making Fire-Works.
Creator (Artist) Cruikshank, George , 1792 - 1878
Publisher Bailey, John , printer
Image Type Print (Wood engraving)
Image Date [between 1815 and 1817]
Size 21 x 18 cm.
Call number Smith 662.1 AN43 FRONT
Notes Fireworks; hand-colored scene depicts a hanging in effigy of Guy Fawkes. Figure 1: "Rocket mould"; figure 2: "Rocket complete"; figures 3,4: "Tourbillons"; figure 5: "Wheel"; figure 6: "Balloon case," "Mortar"; figure 7, "Large gerbe"; figure 8: "Gerbe complete"; figure 9: "Crackers"; figure 10: "Squibs, or serpents"; figure 11: "Pin wheels"; figure 12: "Horizontal wheel"; figure 13: [mine or fire fountain].
Publishig information
TitleThe Art of Making Fireworks, Made Plain and Easy...
PublisherJ. Bailey
Imprint Date[1815-1817?]
Location in BookFrontispiece