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People in the image
Rumford, Benjamin , Graf von (1753 - 1814)
also known as Sir Benjamin Thompson Rumford
Image information
Image captionThe Comforts of a Rumford Stove.
Creator (Artist) Gillray, James , 1756 - 1815
Image Type Photomechanical print
Image Date 1921
Size 14 x 20 cm.
Call number Smith P/R867.7 M
Notes Photomechanical reproduction of a June 12, 1800 cartoon by James Gillray. No. 459. Caption at top of image: Vide Dr. Garnet's Lectures. On verso: a menu, written in Dutch and dated 1 April 1921. Description of image by Thomas Wright, in Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray (London 1851): "It is hardly necessary to state that Count Rumford was one of the most remarkable pretenders to science of his time, though not deficient in ingenuity, as his stoves and his various contrivances for the improvement and simplifying of kitchen opperations proved. Peter Pindar has well recorded his fame -- 'Knight of the dish-clout, wheresoe'er I walk, / I hear thee, Rumford, all the kitchen talk: / Note of melodious cadence on the ear, / Loud echoes of "Rumford" here, and "Rumford" there. / Lo, every parlour, drawing-room, I see, / Boasts of thy stoves, and talks of nought but thee.' This is a portrait of the titled inventor of stoves, and is said to have given great amusement to the original. Garnet, the person alluded to in the inscription at the top, was a chymist attacked by Count Rumford in his journal for having differed in opinion with him."
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function
Rumford Stove