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Image information
Image Type Print (Woodcut)
Image Date [not after 1544]
Size 9 x 13 cm.
Call number Smith 540.1 B726 1562 P.134
Notes Border text, from left to right: "Lignum Vitae est His Qui Apprehenderint Eam."[The Wood/Tree of Life is to those who understand it.] Apparatus captions, from top to bottom: "Il Vase Della Distillatione Del Mercurio"[Containers/Vessels for the distillation of Mercury]; "Il Vaso Della Distillatione Per Filtro"[Container/Vessel for the distillation of Filtres]; "Il Vaso Della Putrefactione"[Container/Vessel for putrefaction]; "Il Vaso Della Ultima Fissione De Spiriti"[Container/Vessel for the final fission/ division of spirits/essences]. This woodcut also appears on p.74 of the Venice 1544 edition of La Espositione di Geber...(Smith 540.1 B726 1544).
Apparatus in the image (See Glossary)
Apparatus Name Function Material
Alembic   Earthenware or Glassware 
Matrass (Florence flask)   Earthenware or Glassware 
Publishig information
Author Jabir ibn Hayyan,
TitleLa Espositione de Geber Filosofo...
PublisherGabriel Giolito de' Ferrari
PlaceVinegia [Venice]
Imprint Date1562
Location in Bookp.134