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People in the image
Berthollet, Claude-Louis , Le Comte (1748 - 1822)
also known as Berthollet, Claude Louis, comte
Berthollet, M.(Claude-Louis)
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent (1743 - 1794)
Image information
Image captionLavoisier Apres Une Experience Executee Dans Son Laboratoire. Convertit Berthollet a la Doctrine Pneumatique 1785.
Creator (Painter) Chartran, Theobald , 1849 - 1907
Image Type Photograph
Image Date [19--]
Size 18 x 24 cm.
Call number Smith P/L398.16A M
Notes Photographic reproduction of an 1890 fresco by Theobald Chartran. Original: University of the Sorbonne, Paris. P/L398.16 S, P/L398.16b S, and P/L398.16c S (not scanned) are photomechanical reproductions of this same painting. P/L398.16c S carries this caption: 11.-Sorbonne.-T. Chartran., Lavoisier convertit Berthollet a la doctrine pneumatique. P/L398.16 S carries this caption: Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794), Claude Louis Berthollet (1748-1822), (From a painting in the Sorbonne).
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