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Newton, Isaac , Sir (1642 - 1727)
Image information
Image captionSir Isaac Newton
Creator (Painter) Vanderbank, John , 1694 - 1739
Publisher Reichner, Herbert
Image Type Photomechanical print
Image Date 1950
Size 17.5 x 25.5 cm.
Call number Smith P/N485.4A M
Notes Photomechanical reproduction of a painting by Sir Isaac Newton. Caption below image: Oil portrait by John Vanderbank of Newton at eighty-three. Probably a copy of that in the National Portrait Gallery, London. In Newton Room, Babson Institute Library. Image numbered 456. Painting is similar to the ca. 1726 painting reproduced in P/N485.4 N, and is probably a copy after that original. The image was published in conjunction with the prospectus for: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Grace K. Babson Collection of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton and the Material relating to him in the Babson Institue Library Babson Park, Mass. Introduction by Roger Babson Webber. New York: Herbert Reichner, 1950. 2 copies.