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People in the image
Priestley, Joseph (1733 - 1804)
Image information
Image captionChamberlain Square, Birmingham.
Creator (Sculptor) Williamson, Francis John , 1833 - 1920
Publisher Harrison, J. Willoughby
Image Type Postcard
Image Date [between 1874 and 1927]
Size 14 x 8.5 cm.
Call number Smith P/P933.27#2 S
Notes Postcard depicts Chamberlain Square in Birmingham, including the F. J. Williamson statue of Joseph Priestley, visible in the background just to the left of center. This marble statue was erected in 1874 to commemorate the centennial of Priestley's discovery of oxygen, but has been moved since the production of this postcard. A 1951 bronze copy of that statue now stands at another location in the square. For a better look at the statue, see the engraving at P/P933.9a M. 2 copies.