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Priestley, Joseph (1733 - 1804)
Image information
Image captionDr. Priestley's House & Laboratory, Fair Hill. Destroyed in the Birmingham Riots 14th July 1791.
Creator (Lithographer) Hullmandel, Charles Joseph , 1789 - 1850
Creator (Painter) Exted
Image Type Photograph
Image Date [not before 1850]
Size 17 x 14 cm.
Call number Smith P/P933.15A S
Notes Photographic reproduction of a lithograph by Charles Joseph Hullmandel, after a painting by Exted. Original lithograph: Dickinson College. The book In a Walled Garden, by Bessie Rayner Belloc (1895) includes the following description of the original painting's production (PP 55-56): Of the actual burning [of Priestley's house and laboratory] a strange record exists. An artist of the name of Exted, a "pupil of Hogarth," made an elaborate painting in oils, sketched upon the spot. "This picture represents the mob, with the banner inscribed 'Church and King,' in the very act of destroying Dr. Priestley's house; chairs, globes, bottles, apparatus, a wig, slippers, window-frames, books and pamphlets, a telescope, a bed-post, lying on the ground or falling from a window. The more sober part of the rioters, both in the house and in the garden, in the most various attitudes, the drunken one stretched out at length. Several of the faces are portraits; among them the town-crier with his public bell, a demon who attended on the occasion to incite the mob." This description is from a private letter.
Institution information
Laboratory NameJoseph Priestley's Laboratory