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People in the image
Priestley, Joseph (1733 - 1804)
Image information
Image captionA Birmingham Toast, as given on the 14th of July, by the Revolution Society.
Creator (Artist) Gillray, James , 1756 - 1815
Publisher Jones, S.W.
Image Type Photograph of print
Image Date 1851
Size 24 x 13 cm.
Call number Smith P/P933.34 M
Notes Photograph of 1851 reproduction of engraving, in The Works of James Gillray, from the original plates...(London 1851), no. 58. Original publication of image: July 29, 1791. Caricature showing Priestley with John Horne Tooke, Sir Cecil Wray, Richard Price, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Charles James Fox, and others. Description of image by Thomas Wright, in Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray (London 1851): "On the dinner in commemoration of the French Revolution, held at Birmingham, on Thursday the 14th of July, 1791, which gave rise to the celebrated Birmingham riots, in which so much property was destroyed. Some of the more prominent of the Liberal party are here placed round the table, while Priestley, with the holy chalice and salver, is giving a toast, which their opponents said was the one most agreeable to their principles. A sample of Priestley's Puritans are seen behind. Dr. Price's congregation at Hackney is alluded to by the picture suspended against the wall, as the sort of congregation that was to be introduced into St. Paul's." Speech bubbles read, from left to right: "Damn my Eyes! But I'll pledge you that Toast 'tho Hell gapes for me"; "The --- Head, here!"; "O Heav'ns! why I would empty a Chelsea Pensioners small-beer barrel in such a cause!!"; "My Soul & Body, both, upon the Toast!!!"; "I have not drunk so glorious a Toast since I was Parson of Brentford, & kept it up, with Balf & M.cQuirk!"; "Hear our Prayers: & preserve us from Kings & Whores of Babylon"; "Put enmity between us & the ungodly and bring down the Heads of all Tyrants & usurpers quickly good Lord -- Hear us good Lord"; "Amen! Amen!"; "O! grant the wishes of thine inheritance".