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Burner (Lamp), Pyrometer and Tube (pipe): image


Thermometer: image


Pictet's apparatus: image


Air-pump, Burner (Lamp), Matrass (Florence flask) and Thermometer: image


Furnace (Stove, Oven), Receiver, Retort and Water Bath (Balneum Mariae) : image


Burner (Lamp), Receiver and Tube (pipe): image


Bladder and Receiver: image


Alembic, Burner (Lamp), Eudiometer, Furnace (Stove, Oven), Receiver, Retort, Sand Furnace (Sand Bath, Sand Heat) and Water Bath (Balneum Mariae) : image


Blowpipe and Gasometer (Gazometer): image


Alembic, Blowpipe and Burner (Lamp): image


Bell (Bell Glass) and Bladder: image


Receiver and Retort: image